An Introduction to Watches

 What a unique gift for our family members? If you have no idea I'd like to introduce watches to you.
These are instruments used for measuring time in my opinion. They have been used since the beginning of the century for various purposes such as:
- A fashion icon
- An instrument to show off wealth
- A tool to measure time
- An item to collect

They also have many other purposes but the ones above are the most common ones. One might think that to own a watch requires a lot of money and a good sense about fashion and current watch trends but that's not what you actually need. In my two years of experience as a collector I find that to own one you need to do a little research about the brands.

The second thing that you also have to do is to save some money for buying your dream piece that you have finally planned to settle down. These are just the basic tips that every person should know before buying one. I believe that many people cannot afford watches like a luxury watch but there are also other brands that do not break your bank and also look stylish and classical like a luxury watch. Some affordable brands are:
- Daniel Wellington
- Movement
- Casio
- Citizen
- Seiko
- Timex

The next topic that I would like to talk about is luxury watches. So whenever I hear people describing a luxury watch I always hear people saying that "Yo bro you know that I think end watches should have a huge dial and lots of bling". I would like to approach such kind of people by telling them that this basically shows that the watch is highly inexpensive and immature. So I would like to start this topic defining

A luxury watch basically refers to an expensive timepiece made of very fine quality and precision. So these watches are just a way of how people express their wealth. The main things that you need to check when buying a one of these pieces is:
- Movement
- Price
- Reputation of the brand
- Style
- Maintenance

I will discuss this entire topic in another article whereby I will explain all these features in detail and also some additional points that you need to know before buying a "Luxury Watch".